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About us

Samar Abou Raad’s house of fashion has been at the forefront of the fashion industry since 1985. The designer has been showcasing the finest bridal and evening gowns around the MENA region with over 35 years of designing luxurious pieces for women all around the world. “Fashion isn’t just something you wear for the night, for it represents your personality, inner strength and power”.

The Lebanese fashion designer has a bold and charismatic personality that she used to reflect on her work. The designer left a trace of unique prosperity within the region, leaving behind gowns that were made with love and dedication.

“Each gown represents a unique love story, a story that will eventually turn into a beautiful memory”. The brands mission and vision are to create a memorable experience for all the women wanting to celebrate a special moment, and that’s where we come in and making their fairy tale come true.